Saturday, September 1

From the Surgeon's Personal Log 20

ededThe analysis of my recent trouble continues.

On a nature walk
I really only desire to be in the company of ONE individual in particular. We were thrown together a good deal during my mission to Upper York, Niagara on the Lakes and our shared adventures while on my way back to the Acasta.

 We have known each other near these two years now, thrust together after the attentions of a meddling Aunt in London. From the very beginning, Miss Waterman's Aunt seemed to be on a campaign designed solely to bring us together. Miss Waterman was sent to the United States where she was given over to the care of her new guardians, the Hegewoods. We were much in the same social circles as I was in my state of half pay from the Navy. Through letters and our many encounters at various parties, balls and other such events I have discovered that Miss Waterman and I share a multitude of common thoughts and interests.

Reading to my girls
 She is fashionable, clever, well bred, talented, brave and curious about the world around her. I enjoy her company above any woman I have previously encountered. Even upon my re-entering His Majesty's service on the outbreak of this new war with the United States, she has been steadfast and loyal as no other could ever be.
Playing at tug-of-war
And though she is four and twenty years and of an age where fashionable society fears she has lost her bloom, I shall have none of this. She is, to my eye, the most striking woman I have ever encountered, not only in her exterior appearance, but she possesses that bright inner beauty as well.
A stolen kiss under the mistletoe.
I have come to the conclusion after much careful contemplation that the root of my recent troubles springs from the fact that, I am hopelessly in love with Miss Emily Waterman.


  1. While I am not at present known to Miss Watermann and your good self, I know of you both through shared acquaintance and I most heartily wish you joy on a match well made!

  2. We of the Western territories do offer you our most ardent felicitations on your engagement. We do hope to receive mountains of correspondence describing every detail of your marriage, from the bride's trousseau to the cut of the groom's waistcoat. Huzzah!