Sunday, September 30

Sailors Wanted!

Sailors Wanted for His Majesty's Ship Acasta!
The Acasta is looking for quality reenactors to portray English sailors circa 1800-1812

Our organization seeks to educate via a series of first person activities designed to demonstrate the real lives of sailors as they go about their business etc. Landing Parties, Surveying Crews, Recruitment Drives, Press Gangs, Shore Leave... these are but a few of the activities that our crew will undertake whilst encamped at an event.

First, be sure to read the Clothing guidelines for Acasta Sailors.

Then check out our Philosophy:

If these sound like a good fit for you, then you may have what it takes to be an Acasta! Email Albert Roberts today to find out more about joining the crew at:
Want some cheater's hints at how to get in good with the officers? 

Here's what we're looking for in new members. Someone who is motivated to learn and share their knowledge, someone who knows about the position that they're portraying, someone who can act in the manner befitting the station that they portray. First-person and acting skills (no 'Monty Python' accents need apply). And don't forget to salute!

Here's a listing of available billets [open in RED]:
Commissioned Officers:
Post Capt. - Robert Fryman
1st Lieutenant - James Hamilton
2rd Lieutenant - Michael Ramsay
3rd Lieutenant - Thomas Tumbusch
Lieutenant of Marines - Lawrence May (?)

Warrant Sea Officers:
Master - Lance Minnis
Boatswain - Open
Gunner - Walter Dubbeld
Surgeon - Albert Roberts

Inferior Warrant Officers:
Cooks (1) - Open
Surgeon's Mates (2) - Open
Master-at-Arms - Open

Petty Officers:
Midshipman (4) - David. Raley (3) Open
Steward - Open
Master's Mate - Open
Capt's Clerk (Secretary) - Brian Cushing
Carpenter's Mate - Open
4-Quarter Gunners (Req. Certification)- Open
Coxswain - Houston Hamilton

Steward's Mate - Open

Seaman Ratings: (at present there are no set number of participants per rating)
Landsman - Open (this category is for individuals who are "probationary members")
Ordinary. Seaman - Open
Able Body Seaman - Open

Servants and Boys
Servants (2) - Open
Boy (2) ~ 3rd class - 2 Open

Marine Privates
17 - Open

Drummers (1) - Open

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  1. As much as I would love to enlist, I have been told that it is bad luck, and worse discipline, to have a woman aboard. I shall content myself, therefore, with following your excellent log and reading about your adventures instead of participating. Best of luck to you gentlemen with your recruiting party -- hopefully you will not have to impress anyone into service!