Thursday, September 20

A Report from the Field 7

Saturday evening in the Acasta camp was very pleasant. There was a good deal of Port and Madera supplied by Lt. Hamilton and even a little singing done by the lot. I discovered that Mr. Midshipman Raley has a fine voice, but because of the moisture in the air from the recent downpours, his drum would scarcely make any noise at all. 
The fair was reopened on Sunday morning with another flourish of pomp and circumstance, but this morning would be very different. The search for the missing packet and the American Spy would have to be temporarily postponed I had decided, after a great deal of thought, that I would propose to Miss Waterman. 

My fondness and friendship for her over these past two years has grown into the most magnificent sort of love. Mine is a love unlike any I have previously experienced, and nothing else would do. 

You may see the fruit of my labour below: 

There was a great deal of weeping, and I was so nervous that I scarcely recall what was said... but I do recall that I garnered her consent through her tears. I could bear the loss of the Packet and its secret documents if I could keep the woman I love by my side. 
Special thanks to everyone who helped me through the planning stages of this and helped to make it a fantastically special day!

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  1. How can one not comment? Congratulations to you both! (assuming it was not a "re-enactment").